Love Thy Self!

Clearly, I love sex. This is a no brainer. I’m an adult entertainer. I also more than love solo play . . . a lot! Nothing is better than some good, old-fashioned masturbation! Like most of you, I masturbate way more than I have sex, even with me being in porn.

I was once told by an older guy I was involved with that he wasn’t use to being involved with a woman who just enjoyed pleasure, and wasn’t pressuring him for longer term things. I do enjoy pleasure, giving and receiving. I’m also a very hyper-sexual person. I wake up almost every morning horny AF, and roll over and start the morning  giving myself a little self-love. When I can’t sleep or wake up in the middle of the night, I find it the best way to unwind to return to a peaceful slumber.

I think in some ways it’s still taboo for women to admit not only do they enjoy sex, but to self-masturbation and its overall satisfaction.  Knowing precisely what it takes to make yourself cum is essential in teaching your partner how to accomplish that end goal.  I think women who don’t allow themselves to self-pleasure are more likely to feel unfilled sexually with their partners, and even possibly contribute to them having a negative body image.IMG_2997

Women who masturbate are sexy! I’m so in tune with my sexuality, my body and what feels good to me that I’m able to be a better lover to my partner. But at the same time, I’m also receptive to what makes them feel good, while allowing myself to be pleasured as well.

My approach to everything is pretty old school. I’m a slide-those-panties-off and give- myself-a-good-rub kind of girl. Toys can be fun, but you don’t need a bunch of gizmos and gadgets to make yourself have a good orgasm alone. I admit to having a ton of toys though. When playing solo, I almost never use them. Even when I am in the mood for a little solo toy play, it’s usually just a standard vibrator on my clit without penetration because no toy for me is ever going to be able to substitute a hard cock.

After I have an orgasm, I’m more relaxed, much more calm and often times able to sleep. That’s the goal. I maybe have a bit of guy brain at times when I opt to play solo and not with my partner, but not because I don’t desire them. I think women often misconstrue their man playing solo with himself to mean he doesn’t desire her. That’s not the case. Sex is wonderful and amazing, but sometimes I need and want to cum now without all the foreplay and intimacy. I don’t think there is anything wrong with needing a little “me time.”