Spanking! OMG… Do I love it! Something about having my partner take charge in the bedroom making me their submissive is a total turn on for me. Nothing makes me wetter than a little foreplay spanking, especially when my guy likes to be called “Daddy” while he is spanking me. Not only do I enjoy getting spanked, but I love to be the dominant at times and give my partner spankings as well. For me, it’s an interchangeable role; depending on my partner and their comfort level, and what the mood is at the time, will determine whether or not I will be receiving the spankings or giving them.

I know I’m not the only one. Both men and women love to get spanked. Many of us love to not only receive spankings during sex and foreplay, but also love to give them to our partners.  I think giving yourself to another person and allowing them to “punish” you in the way they see fit is a great way to spice things up in your relationship, and could also be a great way to build intimacy as well. A lot of men love to be dominated and spanked by a woman, but often don’t feel comfortable to ask their partners to spank them during foreplay out of fear of rejection, and the sheer fact our society has taught us men are suppose to be dominate in the bedroom.

Ladies, its okay to take charge during foreplay and spank your man if he wants to be your little bitch boy during foreplay. Let him have it bare handed, with a paddle, maybe a with a crop. If you want to be the submissive and be “Daddy’s Naughty Girl,” and want your partner to give you a couple of spankings during foreplay, let your partner know. I have always believed the couple that plays together stays together.

Not sure how to asked to be spanked? Ladies, that’s easy. When your partner is giving it to you doggy-style, tell them, “spank me baby.” Trust me, he will keep going deep and start getting their spank on.  Guys, this is a bit more tricky for you, but start with the idea of wanting to try role-play and build that communication with your partner from that point. The only way to have amazing mind-blowing sex is through good communication. So go ahead and bend your hot ass over, and ask for your spankings!



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